Thursday, August 28, 2008

Aug. 28 Dreamsleep WIP......

It's been a busy summer and I've been meaning to post an update of Dreamsleep for ages. Here she is......

isn't she stunning? She is charted from the original artwork of Ian Daniels by Tammy at Stab and Stash. She has released a lot of beautiful new charts recently - why or why aren't there more hours in the day?

Anyway, Dreamsleep has been such a joy to stitch on, there are lots of rosie browns and pinks and golds in with all that brown. It's very nice watching the different sections take shape.

Melanie has been off at college for 2 weeks now and we are all settling into a nice routine. I try not to call her very much and she has surprised me by calling almost every day. Sometimes more than once in a day. She's doing great and loving dorm life so keep your fingers crossed everything continues in this smooth pattern.

We're taking a little mini-vacation in a couple of weeks and starting to get sicced up about it! We've rented a house on the beach in Gulf Shores, AL. My sister, my brother (and their spouses) are coming, along with my Mom and Stepdad (they rented their own house for more privacy) so I'm sure we'll have lots of laughs. We are all looking forward to just hanging out, visiting lots, eating seafood for dinner, going for walks on the beach and whatever else we decide we just have to try.

Then, 2 weeks after the 5-day vacation to Gulf Shores we are flying to Orlando, FL for a business conference. We look forward to this trip every year as it's always nice weather and you can stroll through the conference at your leisure. We always have such a good time!


Novia said...

Very beautiful. Another great stitching and great pattern from Stab and Stash!!