Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter.....

Spring is finally here which for us means days loaded with sunshine followed by days of dreary clouds and rain. But it's all good for the garden.

Here's a picture of pansies from my patio.

They are so pretty this year and I know they will still be gorgeous when it's time to pull them up and change them out to flowers that will take the very hot summer temps but we've enjoyed them all winter and spring.

Here is my Once Upon a Tree Sampler. It's from Just Cross Stitch Magazine, done in 4 installments. I still need to put the petite white beads on the first part (for the snowflakes). They are in at the LNS, and I'll pick them up Monday when I'm out running errands.
I hope everyone is enjoying their Spring weather and soaking up some of the beautiful sunshine. It truly will lighten your mood and make you feel good. If you celebrate religious holidays, have a blessed Easter.
I've been stitching on Dreamsleep from StabnStash and will post a new WIP very soon. They have lots of new artist and tons of new charts up. They are also having a 20% off sale (most of their charts are now $7.99 to download) so check them out!
Happy stitching everyone!


Joysze said...

Mmm.... I really love that tree sampler..tempting, tempting. I lurve your pansies!!!! How did you make them grow so pretty and big? Mine shriveled up and died!!! :(