Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lucy's first haircut......

Lucy is now 7 months old and we had puppy spa day at our house this afternoon. She didn't like the clippers very much, and really didn't like it when you get close to her face but she was very, very good and doesn't she look like a nice doggie with her 'big girl' cut?

She's a Miniature Schnauzer but we call her our Greyhound on account of she has the longest legs. She's starting to grow into them and doesn't look that awkward anymore.

Gracie is getting a bath and shave tomorrow - I just couldn't face trying to do them both in one day.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Part 4 HD........

I just finished Part 4 of Papillon Creations 2008 Mystery 'How Does Your Garden Grow'. If you click on the picture to enlarge it you'll notice I downloaded the wrong file option for no specialty stitches but that's okay, I still think it's lovely.

This is a mystery in 13 parts; 1 each month. You can access the download section by signing up for their newsletter at the above link.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Finishing on Truth Storykeep (Sara Butcher)

Wow, 2 post in a single day. I decided to just pick something and work on it. This is Truth Storykeep by Sara Butcher. I finished the stitching last year and it's been laying around while I decided what finishing technique to use.

I decided to lay it on top of a stack of dinner plates in the hutch in the formal dining room.

Taj Update

This is today's update of my Taj Mahal. If you look really close at the bottom left corner, you'll notice the first 10 or so beads. I just couldn't resist starting the beading!

I'm going through a 'funk' right now. You ever have those days or weeks when everything is okay but your just anxious and unfocused? I pick up a book (a good one too) and I start reading and find myself reading 2 or 3 pages and not digesting what I'm reading - or I want to stitch and find myself staring at the bags of projects and can't decide which one to work on. I've always multi-tasked well and I'm really bothered by this. I have a ton of stuff I would like to do; new projects to start, redesign this blog site, upload all my finishes to the new finishing blog Fantastic Finishes ; and alot of spring projects around the house (fun ones too) but I just don't want to start any of these. I told my husband maybe I'm a little depressed and just don't know it? Maybe I need to find a part-time job, just anything that gets me out of the house for a few days a week; nicely dressed with makeup, etc. Something to do that is concrete then maybe I'll use my 'free' time better. Right now it's like - it's all free time so I can do anything at any time I want; so I find myself sitting there and not doing any of it. Am I making any sense at all?

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Dreamsleep WIP

I keep forgetting to post this new update picture. It looks a little distorted in the picture - but it's not. It was a dark, yucky day so I draped it over the dining room chair (by the window) to see all of the natural sunlight that I could. The colors are gorgeous in this one!

Dreamsleep by Ian Daniels, Charted by Stab n' Stash.