Sunday, January 25, 2009

January is nearly over.....

and it's been ages since I posted. I hope everyone had a great holiday season and a fantastic start to 2009.

For unknown reasons, my stitching mojo has just deserted me and I think it's adding to my case of Winter Blahs. You know when you just can't seem to concentrate on anyone thing, even those things that bring you pleasure. Stitching, reading, cooking - there just isn't any fun in those things right now.

The only way I know to bust through this phase is to Just Do It.....we could all benefit from this. Be good to yourself, take a good multi-vitamin every day, drink some juice or eat a piece of fresh fruit - every day. Weather permitting, get out for a walk - even a short one will change your perspective and shake things up - and make a point to count your blessings every day.

I'm trying my best to move past this and get back to my 'normal'. DH is on a business trip for 3 weeks and while I didn't think I would miss him to this extent, I'm now wondering how much his absence is affecting my mood. It will be good to have him home and get back into our normal routines.

Thank you to my sweetpeas; for all your encouragement and support.

Now looking forward to 2009 we have several weekend trips in the works. Some with friends and some just for fun. A trip to the casinos in Tunica, MS and a weekend to Eureka Springs with a stay at the Treehouse Cottages, a trip to Lake Tahoe in the fall...lots of fun things to look forward to; life is what you make it and 2009 is gonna rock! the power of positive thinking.....