Thursday, May 29, 2008

Taj Mahal Update......

May update WIP of Taj Mahal. This is still such a fun piece to work on. The over 2 stitching is a nice break from all the over 1 stuff and the silks just glide through the fabric, so smooth and easy. If I ever win the lottery I'll have to start my own hand dyed silk floss company with prices so affordable that every project could be done in silks.
I've hit a slump where I just don't want to stitch on anything. Nothing sounds appealing; except a new start of course.....hehe Truly, I think it's just the busy transition of spring into summer. Melanie graduates from High School tomorrow evening and we have tons of company coming; we have birthdays and an anniversary next week plus making a trip to Tulsa (about 2 hours away) to take my Mom for a Drs. checkup (everything's fine, just checking) so all in all I've just had a lot going on.

But I'm dying to start Evening in the Park and/or PIG..............and you know, a girls just gotta be able to stitch so if it takes a new start, well......LOL

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Check out the new Dreamsleep WIP on the sidebar. Isn't she just gorgeous? I love stitching on this one, the browns are all pink/rose shades and the shading and blending is just beautiful. I did put it up this week to work on Taj Mahal but the break won't last long. If you look close you can see the folds in her skimpy little dress......and see all the purple shades.

On the home front, I've been doing alot of gardening and have all the flower beds in the front of the house in good order. Now to tackle the one in the backyard, I think I'll put it off until next week; so long as I get it done before the hot days start. I need to make another run to the nursery and hope they have some Lantana; I love this plant. It has dark shiney leaves and is loaded with clusters of tiny flowers and it grows from a thick stalk like a bush. Most common colors in this area are yellow, white, or red but there is a color called confetti (pink/yellow/orange) that is my favorite. It is a good choice as it will take the hot sun (100+ days) and not wither away. As long as you keep watering, it will keep flowering up until frost.
Hopefully the next time you visit Joyce (thank you sweetie) will have my slideshow added to the sidebar. Actually 2 of them - one for finishes and one of WIPs.