Thursday, December 18, 2008

Miracles Happen......

from the 2008 JCS Ornament Magazine, this is Miracles Happen by Jennifer Cooke-Rabig of Ladybug Lane Designs. It's my absolute favorite from this years ornament addition. You can't really see the sparklies but all the white snow has Kreinik in it and it really does shine. All the white flakes and around the border are white beads - those didn't show up too well in this washed out picture either. You still have time to pick up a copy of this special magazine for your collection.
DH and I went shopping this morning, mostly just browsing and picking up some stocking stuffers, etc. We had lunch at Red Lobster, Seafood Stuffed Flounder. It was so good! Fish is one thing I never cook at home. Love the finished product but hate the smell as it cooks.
He is home until Jan. 5 and DD is home until the 12. I have a feeling I'll have all the togetherness I've been craving - and then some to spare. LOL It will make it easier to see her leave for college again. Then, DH leaves Jan 18 for a 3 week school.......I'll go stay with him a few days, probably the last part of the 2nd week. After all this holiday time together, it's a good thing and I'll really be glad when he comes home.^giggles^
I baked a batch of sugar cookies so I'm off to make icing and get those decorated.
Happy Stitching!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Time to get into........

the holiday season. I hope it has biten each of you, lifting your spirits and making your days a little sweeter. Nothing new going on, just enjoying the holiday season and having my family close to home.

DD is home from college, as she said - I'm yours for the next month. It's supposed to be icy and cold tomorrow but I think we are going out for some girl shopping. We need to hit the new Ulta makeup store and of course as it's next door to Target, we'll need to have a run through there too. Then we'll take our business to Best Buy; she needs new Ipod earbuds and heaven forbid they aren't the Apple brand. Then a nice stop at Books-A-Million, that's always good for an hour or so. By then I'll be pooped and ready to come home. She might could entice me into a pit-stop at Hobby Lobby. I'm sure of it, especially if we grab a Starbucks on the way. Man, I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, LOL.

Be proud of me, after 2 years in the local Embroidery Guild I finally stitched a beautiful name badge for myself. Of course I changed the intended thread colors and the beads too. I'll post a picture tomorrow or the next day.

Thanks for visiting, have a wonderful week and carve out a little relaxing stitching time.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thanksgiving Day.............

has come and gone. Where do the days go? I hope everyone had a relaxing holiday with family and good friends. We love Thanksgiving around our house, it's the kick-off to the holiday season. Too much food, too much shopping and staying up late at night with friends, and too little sleep.

Our daughter will be home from college tomorrow and the ecomony and personal finances are starting to sink in with her a little. She is upset that her roommate will not be coming back in January - her parents just can't afford it. There are so many kids who aren't returning, it's sad. DD is going to the housing office in the morning to sign the papers to stay in her room, as a private room. This means she will get priority and be moved to the END of the line for new housing so anyone new who moves into the dorms in January will go to another room and she will get to keep her room by herself. This also means we don't have to pay for a private room - unless they run out of housing then they will give her the option of going ahead and paying to keep it private or having a roommate. She said there are many kids that she knows who won't be back in Jan. so it will probably work out okay. She took her last final this morning and has 4 A's and 1 B for the semester. My hard earned money at work - YAY!

So in stitching news, here's my newest little Love Quilt square. I call him Wacky Cat, isn't he just adorable? He's a freebie from

I stitch so much over one stuff that it's a very nice change to work on 14ct Aida. You forget how relaxing and comforting it is stitching on the stuff.

I've been reading The Immortals book series; I'm up to book 3. They have a good story line and are easy to get into. And lots of hubba-hubba..........LOL

I've been trying to read a couple of hours every day as I've got book 4 of the Twillight series ready to start so I think I'll go pick up that book........

Hope everyone has a relaxing and joyful holiday. It's hard to do when so many things that we can't control are dragging everyone down and making everyone on edge, etc. But it's the only thing we can do; it's the days of our lives and we do have control over how much we smile (it's contagious you know) and whether we go to bed at night satisfied and happy with our lives.

God Bless you and your stitching mojo........