Saturday, December 30, 2006

Be Safe......

Have a wonderful New Years Eve celebration and be safe. We are staying in, but having friends over. 4 adults and 6 teenagers - we'll eat mexican food, watch movies, play card games, snack too much, etc. I'll try to get a nice picture of everyone.

I'm so excited - I've been looking forward to my Jan 1 new start for MONTHS. I'm starting Snow Princess & The Polar Bear by Ruth Sanderson (as charted by HAED, of course).

A new beginning.......2007

After serious and cautious consideration – your Contract of Friendship has been renewed for 2007. This includes a desire to acknowledge the joy in life - it's there, but sometimes we just don't see it for what it is. For each and every one of you…... I promise to be here for you during 2007 to support you through the ups and downs when things are heaped upon you. Remember, I’m only an email away when you need a shoulder to keep you from perpetrating evil upon others (this is mainly for J/M/A/E). I promise to listen without criticism when you need to whine – as I tend to do a lot of this. I solemly swear to hold your hand and walk with you when you can no longer see the blessings in your life......and, of course, you know I'll be happy to help point them out to you throughout the year.

More pointing the finger get to stitching and let's see some pictures.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Winter is finally here

at least for a week. I'm so happy cause it just doesn't seem like the holidays without cold weather. Everyone in really cold climates, stay warm and safe and when your completely sick of the snow, think of me and how excited I would be if I could be with you.

This is the freebie Arabesque Initial from Passione Ricamo. I'll make it into a lined fold-over (eventually, once I get my nerve up to cut on it!). I'm horrible (read sloppy) at finishing. I don't know the fabric name but it is not such a bright pink as my picture. The floss is Eterna Mini-Twist Silk in Cabarnet (med pink to maroon) and is perfect with this fabby. The fabric was a gift from Tammy of

I've also been working on my Morning Rose (HAED). You can see the outline of her face. I'll keep plugging away on the background then probably move over to the left and work on her beautiful wings. I'll save her face for the last part, until I move up to the LAST ROW of pages. YAY

My friend Bonnie has me hooked on Mailart and she organized a mailart project for a group stitchers. I'm going to work on mine this week and hopefully finish it in December. I'll post a picture, but not tell who it's going to.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and happy stitching - don't forget to take time to relax and stitch a little during the holiday season. It's such a busy, stressful time for most families - especially moms.