Sunday, April 29, 2007

Beautiful spring....

it's finally here. My flowers are growing and some are just starting to bloom. Give them another month of miracle grow and sunshine and they'll be spectacular. I'm slowly but surely getting the beds in shape for summer.

Also have to show off a beautiful gift I received. Made by Capella - it's Temari, absolutely stunning. She weaves and wraps the perle cotton threads where they look like strips of ribbon (it's a beautiful craft) with beautiful bead strings to match turquoise and lavendar and clear pink - with purple tear drops on the end. It sort of reminds me of my current stitching obsessions, Chatelaine's Taj Mahal. Check out the thumbnails to the right for an update picture.

Tomorrow is our official SAL start for Circus of Circles (Ink Circles). Here's my floss toss, HDFibers Dragon Tears silks with Silkweaver 32ct Belfast Linen in Purple Fog. I'll try for a better picture next update.
happy stitching everyone - and enjoy this gorgeous spring


Carto said...

We've not had much of a Spring here in the UK. We did to start with, but for the last fortnight all we've had is rain :( I also make Temari balls too! I normally give them as New Year gifts for good luck, or for a new baby - I put little rattles or bells inside them. It took me a while to get started, but once you start they're very addictive! I like your blog very much and seeing all this wonderful stitching! :)