Sunday, December 14, 2008

Time to get into........

the holiday season. I hope it has biten each of you, lifting your spirits and making your days a little sweeter. Nothing new going on, just enjoying the holiday season and having my family close to home.

DD is home from college, as she said - I'm yours for the next month. It's supposed to be icy and cold tomorrow but I think we are going out for some girl shopping. We need to hit the new Ulta makeup store and of course as it's next door to Target, we'll need to have a run through there too. Then we'll take our business to Best Buy; she needs new Ipod earbuds and heaven forbid they aren't the Apple brand. Then a nice stop at Books-A-Million, that's always good for an hour or so. By then I'll be pooped and ready to come home. She might could entice me into a pit-stop at Hobby Lobby. I'm sure of it, especially if we grab a Starbucks on the way. Man, I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, LOL.

Be proud of me, after 2 years in the local Embroidery Guild I finally stitched a beautiful name badge for myself. Of course I changed the intended thread colors and the beads too. I'll post a picture tomorrow or the next day.

Thanks for visiting, have a wonderful week and carve out a little relaxing stitching time.