Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Turning into your Mother........

do you ever just get smacked with the idea that you've turned into your Mother? I mean, it hit me that my blog is the most boring place around. But, by the time I share with friends by email, post on my favorite message crafting boards and visit in Yahoo groups it's just a little stale by the time I'm telling the story for the umpteemth time. See, turning into your Mother by telling the same story over and over (and worse, forgetting that you've already shared that particular event).

In stitching news, I'm working on my Chatelaine, Taj Mahal. Not too long before this is just a beading project then on to the category of a room remodeling project. At least that's what I figure it will cost to get it framed. I recently took a relatively small project (7.5x9.5) to Michael's for a framing estimate - a whopping $498! I could gold-plate a wall for $498!

Here are my last couple of finishes. These are more Love Quilt Squares.

This is a Zebra for Taylor.

And this is Maegan's Cat Theme.
They are so much fun to stitch!
Thanks for stopping by and hope you each find a few minutes each day to enjoy your stitching passion.