Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June is nearly over.....

but what a wonderful month it's been. It sure doesn't seem like I've done much stitching or other crafting but I think a little here and a little there adds up to a nice bunch by the end of the month.

I've been working on my Love Quilt squares and really enjoying them, especially this time of year. The Aida is so nice to work with and the designs are usually so playful and light hearted that they make the perfect thing to work on during the busy summer months.

I'm also putting together my first quilt for Love Quilts. I received the squares last week and will wait until it's finished and sent to the intended child before I post a picture. It's a real pretty one too! Dusty pinks and blue colors.

June has been very busy around our house, my birthday and our wedding anniversary and all the usual summer stuff. We have enjoyed the college kids being home this year.............so much better than last year. We've termed 2008 as our summer from hell, what is it about turning 18? They think they are adults and can just do anything they like and run all over their parents to boot! Thank GOD this past year has been so much better and she thoroughly enjoyed her first year of college - took to it like a duck to water.

DH and I had such a wonderful time in Gulf Shores last fall we decided to go back this year. So, we start talking about it and planning a trip for the first of Sept. and invite my B&SIL to go with us. We are all getting so excited then our kids (ours 19, theirs 20 & 15) start complaining about how they would just love to go with us would we please go the first week of Aug. instead?

Trust me, I know - we are still in shell shock that they want to go anywhere with us and are looking forward to it too! I've rented a beach house for Aug. 1 - 8 which works out well. DD has to be at college Aug 9 for check-in. She is a mentor for her dorm this year so they have to show up a week before everyone else for orientation, etc. We are taking 2 of our vehicles to Gulf Shores so we can load them both with her stuff and she can leave it all at her Aunt's house (she literally lives less than 1 mile from the university). We will be back Sat. night and she can stay with a friend in the dorm then move all her stuff in on Sunday.

I'll leave you with some my favorite picture of Gulf Shores from fall of 2008. We went after the hurricane dumped a TON of sand - like a solid month after the storm surge and the sand still looks like snow drifts but it was completely relaxing and wonderful.
This is my favorite sunrise photo. It was worth getting up at 5:30 to make coffee and see such a glorious scene.

Monday, June 01, 2009

A finish.....

makes a Monday seem like a great day!

I finished the stitching on Mirabilia's Crescent Dreams. The plan is to use the gingham fabric with white ribbon and make it into a doorknob hanger for the baby's room.

Of course I changed some of the design details as it's charted, but right off hand the only things I recall are changing the ribbon that hangs from the moon to 2 strands of the lightest yellow floss; I used Mill Hill 12299 petite silver glass star beads and the Mill Hill 03018 Antinue Glass Beads for the background in a matte baby pink rather than white.

Okay, I better get going and finish this piece out. I'm thinking it will be a nice idea to use it in place of the bow on my gift for her baby shower which is this coming weekend.

Have a wonderful week my fellow stitchers..........