Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A little pampering never hurt anyone.....

My pledge to myself for personal growth this year is to pamper and treat myself better. Nothing makes you feel more feminine and special than a little pampering. Nothing drastic, it's in the little things. Like taking the time to use (everyday) the fluffy good smelling lotions I buy; (don't laugh here) actually shaving my legs more often than once a week, it's winter but still; going to lunch with friends and socializing; keeping my eyebrows tweezed into shape (amazing how this lifts my spirits); wearing perfume even on the days I'm just puttering around the house; burning candles while I stitch just for the joy of it......I'm sure I'll find some other ways too.

We women always put the people in our lives ahead of ourselves, so this year be good to yourselves too........your loved ones will appreciate it.

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bells said...

What a wonderful resolution, Wanda!
The truth is, when we're happy, only then can we make everyone else around us happy :) Sooo enjoy treating yourself like a queen! You certainly deserve it!

Kip said...

Thats a wonderful Idea, expecially the bit about lunching - I love having lunch with friends, I'm adding that to my own resolution!

Do you get the sanctury body stuff over in the US? I like that for pampering!