Friday, December 07, 2007

Completed RR piece.......

I finished Sheri's RR piece last night. It's for a HAED RR I was in this year with Nikki, Tash, Leigh, Terri, Michelle & Sheri. I'll get it into the mail today - I realized with Christmas so close I didn't want to wait and it get lost in the avalanche of additional mail this time of year.
Now, before you look at the picture I put it under very bright light so that you can see the delicate blending and shading detail. So, the actual fabric and texture of the stitches looks washed out, and it looks like coverage is an issue (but it's not) it's truly beautiful in person.
I'm going to put some stitching time into my Chatelaine Christmas Mandala piece. I'll post an update of it soon.....
happy stitching


bells said...

Wow! That is truly GORGEOUS Wanda! Which pattern is it??
Can't wait to see piccies of your Christmas Mandela!