Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Puppy

Here's our new mini-schnauzer, Lucy. We also have an 8 yr. old mini-schnauzer, Gracie. Gracie is a lady and Lucy is trying very hard to learn some manners.

It's been icy and cold here. No snow, just ice on everything. I even noticed some of my daffodils have broke through and are around 3 inches tall. The wonders of nature!
Yesterday I was in the backyard with the puppies and we have this huge oak tree with 100s of brown shriveled leafs still attached. Each leaf is covered with ice and when the wind blows they ring with a delicate chime like a huge crystal chandelier, so dainty and refreshing. I stayed out way longer than I should have - my nose and toes were numb.
I'm off to stitch on Morning Rose..............should be finished within the week.


bells said...

Awww...Lucy's ADORABLE!
How is Gracie dealing with the new addition?
Wow! The infamous MR is actually going to be completed?! I can't wait to see it!!