Thursday, January 24, 2008

Freebie from Chatelaine

I've put some stitches into this freebie chart, it's Christmas Mandala from Chatelaine. It's stitched 1x1 but keeping the original dimensions, so for each 2x2 X - I've stitched 4 1x1 X's. Is that confusing? Anyway, I love how flat and delicate it looks. It's stitched on a very light aqua with a few slight changes in the gold threads and have completely different beads picked out too. Can't wait to actually start putting beads on.
Our new pup Lucy is a hoot! She is so cute, running outside with those big floppy ears. Gracie is very sweet to her and seems to recognize that Lucy is a baby. Lucy is teething but really good about only chewing on her toys. She likes to chew on Gracie though! She thinks she is getting Gracie to play with her but she's just too rough on Gracie. She runs up and bites on her, pulling on her snout or laying on top of her and trying to chomp on her - and Gracie lets her! I keep waiting for Gracie to nip at her and make her stop but she doesn't. Of course I get onto Lucy but they are gonna have to work that one out on their own.