Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Fairy Flora.....

I've been wanting to start a Mirabilia chart for ages and have had the hardest time deciding which one. I finally settled on Fairy Flora and here's the first WIP. Of course, I changed the beads to delicas (they are so dainty and perfect) and I changed the recommended colors too. As this piece has such a bright background around her pale dress and wings, I decided on a plain fabric to compliment the colors and how they blend. She's stitched over 1 so finished size wil be 4/12" wide by 10" in length.

We've had rain (from Gustav) since around 8am yesterday. It's been a good steady rain and much needed in this area. It's helped cool the temps. off a little but it sure is wrecking havoc on my walking routine. I'll have to try and make it up this weekend.

Thanks for stoping by and have a wonderful week


Novia said...

Which size of delica beads that you use since you change it to 1 over 1? And on which fabric count?

Giggles rule! said...

I'm using the size 11, they are a little smaller and more uniform than Mill Hill and the fabric is 28ct. I've stitched quite a bit more around where the beads are and they seem to blend in better.