Sunday, October 15, 2006

I hope everyone reading this had as wonderful of a week as I did. I'm in love with our fall weather and can hardly wait for the cold winter to set in. It's raining today - a nice steady rain all day and supposedly all day tomorrow. We needed it. My yard and flower beds are just soaking it up.

If I can put my stitching down for long enough, I have a wonderful fall project for my front flower bed. It's a rather big bed right at the house in front of the dining room windows - it makes a 90 degree angle between the house and the garage wall and is framed on the other side by the curving sidewalk to the front door. I want to pull up the big ugly green tree in the middle (it doesn't even flower it's just green all year long) and replace it with this gorgeous fountain I found.

It's not a fuufuu fountain - it's texturized on the outside and about 4 feet square with slits around 6 inches long on two sides close to where they met. The water falls out of the slits into the square below - it is 4 or 5 tiers high with each square as you go up getting a little smaller and set back from the front. Each layer mets from top to bottom at the back - I'm going on and on so I'll have to take a picture. Anyway, that's my planned fall I'll have to talk Don into getting it for me as my Christmas present as it is VERY pricey.

Oh - some wonderful little Angel (whom I shall not name) has gifted me with Sheila Wolk's Revelation. For those of you you know what I'm talking about HAPPY DANCE - for those of you who don't google Wolk's gallery and have a look-see as it's to die for. Now I'm sort of bummed as I have 5 pieces currently going that I love and another 7 kitted up and ready to go that I love. I'm frustrated that I can't work on all of them as often as I would like. They are all HAED pieces and the going is slow.....but worth it.

Happy Stitching everyone....