Friday, November 10, 2006

I'm pleased to present the following for your entertainment.

I posted this on a stitching BB and thought what-the-heck, you could use a good laugh too.

Here's a recap of my morning along with my favorite pet-peeve:

I got all my cleaning and errands and hair (root touch-ups) done (looks good too!)....then I got BONNIE MAIL!!!! (a beautiful mailart pouch) I posted on that thread about fuming this morning and I wasn't going to share my petty pet-peeve but those of you who have been around me for a while remember my WORST PET-PEEVE.

People who walk their dogs on my front yard. Now, if you live anywhere in the vicinity of this neighborhood you have YOUR OWN YARD. Why do you feel the need to put a leash on your dog, walk all the way down to the end of this deserted, dead-end street and let your dog do his business in my yard. Walk him around your yard and let him do his business.

Seriously - I know it's absolutely not a major thing but it's just a little quirk that really irritates me. I don't walk my dog in other peoples yard? Why do idiots actually think this is okay neighborly etiquette?

Anyway - I got up this morning. Had coffee with Melanie and sent her off to school. Poured a second cup and went into the office to visit with my hubby and, you guessed it - visit my BB. I walk through the entry way, happen to glance out the little side window by the front door and see something on my walkway - it's beveled glass and kind of hard to actually tell what it is. So, I open the door, in my flaming orange nightgown (t-shirt style comes to just above my knees) and wild hair (gray roots and all sticking straight up) with my coffee cup in hand and there is a man - no more than 15 feet away. He has walked ALL THE WAY UP OUR DRIVEWAY, FOLLOWED THE SIDEWALK BETWEEN MY FLOWER BEDS, AND IS STANDING ON MY WALKWAY WITH A LEASH WHILE HIS DOG POOPS IN MY YARD

I hope your all laughing good now - I was so stunned I just dropped my jaw and closed the door. I told my husband and said you know how much I hate this and went on and on about how inconsiderate these people are and how it's my yard and my kids play in it. My husband (he's not real bright this morning and hasn't had his first cup of coffee) says - Melanie's grown up and doesn't roll around in the front yard and play anymore so what do you care?

Hubby says he probably didn't want to get his feet wet by walking onto the yard so he stayed on the sidewalk. Hubby has a sincere death wish - why would he even think to side with that idiot and try to take up for him? He and his dog shouldn't be in my yard at all.

I think I'll have to watch and see where he lives and one morning surprise him by returning all of his poop and laying it at his front door.

Anyway - hubby is forgiven and I'm not fuming any's kind of funny and I'm kind of embarrassed about my whole reaction ^maybe a little^.....


Dede said...

I don't think you over-reacted a bit. Have you ever said anything to these people? I'd be hopping mad and probably would have gone after the guy, and I'm one to avoid confrontation at all costs. But using your yard as a toilet for his dog is the utmost in inconsideration. Not to mention nasty.

stitchinfiend said...

I would be furious and would have walked out and told him so. Talking of Dog Poop - someone is our town hung plastic bags with dog poo inside them on trees in the park - now we are not talking 1 or 2 bags but 50 or more. The Council ended up cutting down the trees.